MiVoice 8528

MiVoice 8528 Telephone is a piece of the advanced desktop portfolio for the MiVoice Office. Ergonomically composed, this telephone highlights a two-line by 16-character show for profitability improving data, for example, guest points of interest and call highlight actuation. Sixteen programmable multi-capacity keys and 10 settled capacity keys permit one-touch operation for the most generally utilized communication operations or settings. The telephone additionally highlights an implicit speaker and receiver, permitting you to answer station and outside calls without hands, and to exploit on-hook dialing. The 8528 Telephone supports both the Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM) 12 and the Mitel Programmable Key Module (PKM) 48 for extra programmable keys and DSS/BLF usefulness. Support for the Mitel Unified Communicator Express (UCX) and MiCollab Client make this telephone an intense specialized device for little and medium-sized organizations.

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