FAQs About Office Phone Systems

Q. I can’t hear callers, but they can hearMitel Business MiVoice 5360 Environment 2 me. What should I do?
A. If you are unable to hear on the handset of your phone, try swapping your handset and/or handset cord with a working handset and/or handset cord from someone else in the office. If you are on your headset, try making the dial adjustments under the pop off door on the side. If you are speaking on your speaker phone, you may only have a single audio path so you may not be able to speak simultaneously.

Q. My headset is no longer working and I heard a series of beeps before it went dead. Do I need to replace the batteries?
A. When the batteries are dying in a headset, it will warn you with a series of beeps. You should begin troubleshooting by replacing the batteries which are located in the base unit behind a pop off door on the side of the base unit.

Q. Can I change the names on the displays of my phones?
A. If you own an Inter-Tel system, you can change the names as per the instructions in your administration guide. If you own any other system, a TSI technician site visit may be required to change the names. Call our office at (715) 834-3980 and we will be able to provide you with instructions or set up a service call about our office phone systems.

Q. My phone no longer works. What should I do?
A. Have you tried checking all connections to verify plugged in? Is yours the only phone not working? If more than your single phone are not working, call our office. If your phone is the only non-working phone set, try resetting your phone or swapping the phone with another working set of the same style and model.

Q. Callers cannot hear me, but I can hear them.
A. If you have an Inter-Tel system, check to see if the headset mode has been activated. When you are not on the phone, enter the feature code 316 and it should say on the display “Headset mode off”

If you are using a headset, try changing the voice tube, as they do sometimes get plugged up.

Q. When callers dial our phone number, they get a different business.
A. If you have phone company forwarding, someone may have inadvertently forwarded off the phones to another business. Try entering 73# and wait for a double beep confirmation. If you are part of a Centrex system enter the code to cancel call forwarding when the phone is not in use.

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