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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having troubles hearing callers, but they can hear you? Is your headset no longer working? Or are you wishing to chance the names on the displays of your office phone systems? Whether you’re looking for answers to any of these questions or need assistance with other features, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about various office phone systems.


User Guides

If you have questions or need further instructions in regards to business phone systems models such as Inter-Tel Basic Non-Display Phone or Model 8500, Inter-Tel Standard Display Phone/ Model 8520 Digital or IP Model 8620, Mitel 5320/5330/5340 IP Phone, Mitel 8528 or 8568 Digital Phones, or others, visit our User Guides page to explore several interactive guides that cover the basic operation of the phones.

User Guides

Time Change Instructions

When Daylight Savings Time approaches, it’s important to have access to change the time on your office phone systems’ display. View time change instructions on a variety of phone models and their voice mail systems including ESI IVX 20, 20 Plus, Voice Mail System, Inter-Tel IMX 1224/2460 Phone System, Mitel 3000, MacroTel Telephone System, and many more.