Our Team


Pam Kozuch

Pam has been with TSI since joining the company in 1980. TSI was originally started by her father who ran several other successful businesses in Eau Claire. Pam bought the business in 1994 and TSI has since grown to support over 1500 Western Wisconsin businesses, as well as networked locations across the US and in 4 other countries. Pam takes great pride in the level of service and support offered to the customers of TSI. Our system implementations are consistently rated as the best our customers have seen. We have many customers who have been with us for over thirty years, upgrading and expanding their systems because they value the level of service and support they receive. Pam’s role as President is one of management and large account development as well as new product selection. However she maintains an active interest in every account and sale.

Jeff Putnam

Jeff has been with Telephone Specialists since 1984 and for the past 15 years has been the Operations Supervisor. With the many changes that TSI and the industry have experienced, Jeff has a wide range of expertise in many different telephone systems and their onsite installation and applications. The telecommunication industry has changed greatly over the years and that has kept Jeff and the technicians on their toes.

Nancy Rosentrater

Nancy has worked at Telephone Specialists since 1986, but that was not the beginning of her venture into the telecommunication business. Her father, worked for Western Electric/AT&T as she grew up and she has fond memories of being in the Central Office with her father, seeing and hearing all of the functions and loud clicking of the switch. That being said she has always been interested in the technical side of the business. That interest combined with her Associate Degree in Accounting has lead to an enhanced level of service to all our customers Nancy is responsible for, among other things, payroll, accounts receivable, billing, inventory, some accounts payable and customer service. Needless to say, she has seen the industry change in the last 25 years. She recalls having an old ITT 10 button phone on her desk when she first started in our original location. We have come a long way since then! If you have any questions about a current or older system or phone function Nancy can probably help you out.

Along with the employees introduced above, TSI has a full supplement of staff to give ample support to our clients. They incorporate a few completely prepared and experienced experts who hold more than 30 Mitel confirmations, as well as affirmations for a large array of other manufacturers’ items. Moreover, our experts and technicians have more than 120 years of telecom experience. Because of this, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with your service from us.

TSI also gives service of an experienced project manager and trainer who works intimately with our clients and specialists to plan the programming of your new framework, guaranteeing that it performs at its most elevated potential. We additionally work with you to build up a preparation program intended to expand the capability of your system and your staff.

Together with our staff of highly trained client administration representatives working with every client, we can offer a complete and expert service for all your telecommunication needs.

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