About Us

TSI is a telecommunications provider for small to medium sized businesses in Western Wisconsin and throughout the Chippewa Valley.

wiscmapBusiness communications can encompass a vast array of telecommunications services. It is our goal to specially craft items and administrations for each of our clients needs. We exclusively design each telecommunications framework for our customers because we recognize that all our customers, from small companies to those with several locations, have unique needs. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a dynamic and long term telecommunications association with each and every customer within our telecommunications area.

Today’s quick-paced business society requests that effective organizations have a dependable full administration innovation partner. We can be that partner with its proven reputation as the premier telecommunications company in Western Wisconsin. Our broad innovation and administration experience permits us to respond to our clients necessities adequately and rapidly.

As a Mitel exclusive business telecommunications partner, we can offer an award winning portfolio of business telecommunications solutions. Mitel is a worldwide market leader in the telecommunications industry. Established in 1973, Mitel is a privately held business with over 1,500 affiliates in over 90 countries.

Providing our clients with exceptional service is our main goal. To accomplish that, we join state-of-the-art technical service with personalized attention from all our staff members within our telecommunications company. This guarantees that our customers receive the finest, most complete service available in Western Wisconsin.

Our Team